#letswatchwednesday – 5 Mental Health Stigmas That Need to Go! | Decoded | MTV

I didn’t think I’d ever post a video by MTV on this blog, but here we are. I think it’s a good thing they’re talking about it though. With 1.7 million subscribers, I’m sure at least a few people will learn something from this video. Not to mention, any of their followers living with mental health issues will appreciate the support in fighting misconceptions about mental illness.

While I’ve heard most of these before, I don’t think I ever thought about number four as a stigma. I do agree with it. I know that everyone reading this is very much loved by the people around them, but if love alone could save the day, mental illness wouldn’t even be a thing. The people around you can certainly help and support you. But I think unless we choose the path of recovery ourselves, all the love in the world won’t chase away whatever demons that call our minds home.

Go leave a like on the video if you really enjoyed it. More likes = more eyeballs watching this video = more people informed about stigmas and why they suck.

Happy Wednesday everyone~

P.S. If you’ve watched or made any super cool videos that you think more people should see (whether it be a funny video, something cute, mental health-related, or inspirational), send me a message. Needless to say, there are a TON of videos on the Internet. So I’m willing to bet that whatever video you like, there are people that have yet to see it.

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