#letswatchwednesday – 9 Reasons People DO NOT Seek Help For Their Mental Health

I recently started following LikeKristen’s channel, which you should too because it’s CHOCK FULL of good info. Don’t forget to leave a like if you dig this video.

Anyway, this video came up in my subscription feed and I was so excited to see it. I have a lot of strong feelings about this topic. I’m so happy someone chose to talk about it.

I went years and years and years without getting any help. In fact, I only started getting professional help last October. Just to put this in perspective: I’m 26 now and my depressive symptoms started around 12 years old.

I personally check off a bunch of things on this list of things that I struggled with. I’ve experienced inadequacy, felt burdensome, hopeless, and doubtful of my own symptoms. And this cocktail of terribleness produced suffocating fear in me

In most cases, I still struggle with a lot of these things. I still have feelings of inadequacy and feeling like I should be able to take care of myself. I’m still working on overcoming feeling like a burden to others.  And sometimes I feel like my symptoms aren’t “bad enough” for me to be blogging about mental health.

Despite all these feelings, I now choose to fight through them so that I can take care of myself. And it is absolutely worth it to push through them. Choosing to be defiant in the face of these thoughts is what keeps me alive and brings me that much closer to happiness.

Anyway, I hope this has helped some of you feel less alone if you feel any of these things. More importantly, I hope some of the advice in this video has helped you to find ways to get help and/or given you the confidence to take that step.

Never forget that you are worthy of help and recovery.

P.S. If you’ve watched or made any super cool videos that you think more people should see (whether it be a funny video, something cute, mental health-related, or inspirational), send me a message. Needless to say, there are a TON of videos on the Internet. So I’m willing to bet that whatever video you like, there are people that have yet to see it.

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