Moodscope: Tracking Your Mood

Moodscope: Tracking Your Mood

Happy Friday everyone! Today I want to talk about a tool that I use every day, or at least I try to use it everyday. It’s called Moodscope and **spoiler alert** it’s pretty darn fantastic.


How I found Moodscope


I first heard about Moodscope a few months ago. I had an appointment with a new psychiatrist and near the end of our session I had asked him about my diagnosis of Bipolar 2. At that time I had only found out a few weeks prior that this was the diagnosis given to me when I left the hospital in December 2016, and it had really changed the way I viewed my thoughts and behaviour.

Naturally, after I first found out I went home and began to search for more information about Bipolar 2. As I read along, I found myself identifying with the symptoms listed and the experiences of other people. But of course, there’s always that little bit of doubt that haunts my thoughts. Maybe I was just too used to thinking that I was only dealing with depression.

So when I asked the psychiatrist what he thought, all I really wanted some sort of validation that yes, this is what I’m dealing with. However, it was the first time this doctor had seen me so he couldn’t accurately say whether I had one thing or the other. At the time, I said I didn’t think I needed therapy anymore so there would be no follow up appointments. But he did suggest that I use Moodscope.


What is Moodscope?


Moodscope is a website that allows you to track your mood on a day to day basis. After you sign up, you take a test made up of 20 questions. Each question has you rate how much you feel a certain emotion, such as nervous or alert, from “very slightly or not at all” to “extremely.”

Once you complete the test, your results are calculated and plopped on a graph. Depending on your answers, you will receive a percentage from 0% to 100%, which will tell you where you place on the happy/sad spectrum.

It’s free to sign-up and use, but you do have the option of paying to upgrade to a different account. Depending one the account, you can get things like a mobile web app, the ability to see longer periods of time on your graph, and unlimited buddies.

Speaking of buddies…


Buddy System


One of the features of Moodscope that I find interesting is that you can choose to grant certain people access to your graph. It could a family member, a friend, a spouse, a therapist, or anyone else you trust. Although I have yet to use this feature myself, but I find it appealing.

I know that when I’m having one of those darker days it feels like there is nothing on this Earth that could possibly convince me to reach out and get help. I just can’t shake that feeling of being a burden to other people. And while I’m feeling that, I’m also wondering why I should even bother getting help. Depression forcibly imposes a strict silence upon me and that is one of its most dangerous aspects.

But with a feature like this, for those of you that are like me, you can have that support without having to say anything. All you have to do is take a quick test and I’m sure those people will reach out to you as soon as they see the sort of day you’re having.

Until I find someone who I trust and who wants to see my results, I’m going to be totally transparent and let all of you see my results for the past month.


The Sadness Monster - Moodscope June 2017


Why I like it


Charting my moods helps me to see patterns in how I feel over a period of time. The more I get to know this pattern the easier it is to foresee when my mood might slip again.

For me, it helps to know when there are dark times on the horizon so that I can prepare before that melancholy shadow rules my thoughts. I know that the Monster will always come knocking again, so I might as well know when it’s going to show up. This makes Moodscope indispensable to me. It makes me feel like I’m a little more in control of my moods instead of always being at their mercy.

The other thing that I like is that it doesn’t take a long time or much energy to take the test. It’ll usually only take me a minute or two at most, which is great on those days where I don’t feel like doing anything.

I also enjoy the daily emails that I receive filled with uplifting or helpful words by other users. I appreciate their honesty and their vulnerability. While I may not read every single one, but I am truly grateful for them nonetheless. Sometimes I find the right words reach me exactly when I need them. And as always, it helps to see other people dealing with similar issues to mine.


Last Thoughts…


I highly recommend Moodscope to you if you don’t use any mood tracking system already. And heck, even if you are already using one, you could still give this one a go. Like I said, it’s free, so what do you have to lose?

Are you using Moodscope? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Do you use another website or app to track your moods? Maybe you even have your own personal tracking methods. Please comment below and share them. I’d love to discover new tools that can help me and I’m sure others would love to hear them too.

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Moodscope: Tracking Your Mood - The Sadness Monster

Moodscope: Tracking Your Mood - The Sadness Monster

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