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Do you have a challenge that doesn’t seem to have a clear solution? Do you have a personal problem that no one has an answer for and no amount of self-reflection seems to bring clarity? Or maybe you’re just feeling a bit lost and would like a hint for which direction to go. Tarot cards can bring the solutions and answers that we can’t find for ourselves.

I’ve been reading for myself and friends for the past eight years. In that time, I’ve found that the cards provide helpful insight and fairly accurate information. I really enjoy doing readings and they’ve helped me immensely in my own life, so I’d like to offer readings to you.


Tarot Decks


I currently have two different decks that I can use to do your reading. Every deck seems to have a personality and I find it can affect the tone in which it gives you information.

Revelations deck by Zack Wong – This deck gives very straightforward messages, its answers are a little blunt. But I find this makes it much easier to read and it gets right to the point. I’ve also had this deck for many years so I’m quite familiar with it. It contains different images for upright and reversed meanings.

The Dragon Tarot by Peter Pracownik – This is a newer deck for me, but I find that, unlike my Revelations deck, it’s more chill. It’s a calmer deck and the only way I can really describe it is friendly. So if you want a “kinder” reading, I’d suggest using this deck.

Of course, you can choose to leave it up to chance and I’ll choose one of these two at random.

I can do readings about the following topics:

  • Decisions
  • Story Inspiration
  • Getting over a creative block
  • General life advice
  • Birthday spreads
  • New year spreads
  • And more!

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page stating what reading you would like (see different spreads below for ideas). Once I receive payment, I will send back a detailed word document of the reading and a picture of the spread in 48 hours.


Clarification Cards


For each price range below, if you choose a reading with less cards than the maximum, I will use those leftover cards as clarification cards. Clarifications cards are simply cards pulled to understand more about what another card is referencing.

Ex. If you ask for a 3-card reading, I will use the two remaining cards as clarification cards. However, if you ask for a 5-card reading, I will not provide an clarification cards because it is the maximum number of cards that I will read for that price.




3 – 5: $5.00CAD (see potential 3 – 5 card spreads here)

6 – 10: $20.00CAD (see potential 6 – 10 card spreads COMING SOON)

11 – 15: $25.00CAD (see potential 11 – 15 card spreads COMING SOON)

16 – 20: $30.00CAD (see potential 16 – 20 card spreads COMING SOON)

20+: $40.00CAD (see a potential 20+ card spread here)

Please keep in mind that these spreads are just suggestions. If you’d like a different spread than the ones listed, please tell me what you would like when you message me and how many cards you would like your reading to have.

And of course, you may contact me if you have any further questions about the readings.




If you choose a mental health-related spread, know that it isn’t a replacement for professional medical advice or treatment. Please see a doctor if you have concerns related to your mental health. Take care of yourself!

Also, if you receive a reading that includes an unpleasant outcome, it’s not set in stone. The Tarot will often give you advice on how to avoid these things. Remember, you are in control of your destiny. Always.

Lastly, I do not do refunds, so think carefully if this is the service for you and choose wisely.




So what are you waiting for? First, use that handy-dandy PayPal button to choose how many cards you want. Then fill out the form stating what sort of reading you like. Let the cards and I help you!


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